Tour: The Girl in the Corn

By Jason Offutt, February 18 – 21

  • Purchase link:
  • Genre: Horror fantasy
  • Print length: 353 pages
  • Suitable for young adults? No: do not be taken in by the opening chapters!
  • Formats available for the Tour: mobi, epub, pdf. [sorry, no paperbacks!]
  • Amazon Rating: Just published, not yet rated.
  • Trigger warning: violence, gore, swearing; killing of a dog and a child

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About The Girl in the Corn

Beware of what lurks in the corn.
Fairies don’t exist. At least that’s what Thomas Cavanaugh’s parents say. But the
events of that one night, when he follows a fairy into the cornfield on his parents’
farm, prove them wrong. What seems like a destructive explosion was, Thomas
knows, an encounter with Dauðr, a force that threatens to destroy the fairy’s world
and his sanity.
Years later, after a troubled childhood and a series of dead-end jobs, he is still
haunted by what he saw that night. One day he crosses paths with a beautiful young
woman and a troubled young man, soon realizing that he first met them as a kid
while under psychiatric care after his encounters in the cornfield. Has fate brought
them together? Are they meant to join forces to save the fairy’s world and their own?
Or is one of them not who they claim to be?

Praise for Jason Offutt’s writing

“There’s no one quite like Offutt .  .  .” —Jeff Somers, author of The Avery Cates Series and The Ustari Cycle

“[An] unholy mash-up of creepy, high-body-count paranormal thrills . . . Readers will find themselves well sated before the end.” —Publishers Weekly

The Girl in the Corn is a haunting, unsettling, gripping novel. I will have nightmares of circles filled with needle teeth for years to come. In these cornfields are such original, disturbing beasts—I was hypnotized by their presence on the page.” Richard Thomas, Bram Stoker and Shirley Jackson nominee

About Jason Offutt

JASON OFFUTT writes books. He is best known for science fiction, such as his humorous
So You Had to Build a Time Machine and his end-of-the-world zombie novel Bad Day for
the Apocalypse (a curious work that doesn’t include zombies), his paranormal non-fiction
like Chasing American Monsters (that does), and his book of humor How to Kill Monsters
Using Common Household Objects.
He teaches university journalism, cooks for his family, and wastes much of his writing time trying to keep the cat off his lap. You can find more about Jason at his website, There are no pictures of his cat Gary, and it serves him right.

Twitter: @TheJasonOffutt
Instagram: @thejasonoffutt

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