Tour: The Arboretum After Midnight

By W. T. O’Brien

March 18 – 21

Music by Bensound The Duel

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  • Genre:  Detective fiction, murder mystery
  • Print length: 308
  • Age range: This is an adult novel but suitable for mature teens age 16+
  • Trigger warnings: Homicide
  • Formats available for the Tour: all standard electronic formats and audio book (sorry, no paperbacks)
  • Amazon Rating: This is a new book, not yet rated.

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About The Arboretum After Midnight

Whitney Colliers is an astonishingly beautiful woman. Moving amongst creative people, and fronting a well-known design studio, she has plenty of admirers and almost as many lovers. A tease to everyone, she delivers on her advertising.

Beautiful, admired, but not well loved. There are plenty of people with a grudge against Whitney. After creating her usual friction at a party , she takes a ride to a local park to give her dog a run.

It’s just after midnight.

The next morning a jogger comes upon her body, tangled in her dog’s lead and sprawled in a rockery. It looks like a tragic accident, but rookie detective Roscoe Romar quickly concludes that it’s murder.

Praise for The Arboretum After Midnight

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Here’s a police procedural with a fresh voice and a fascinating cast of characters. Whitney is dead before the story gets under way, but her unique spirit colours the whole book. Like all too many others, I disliked her quite a lot, but still fell in love with her… Roscoe Romar is entirely believable as the rookie cop investigating her murder, and I worried all the way through that he was overstepping his authority. And his first suspect, Max, is the last person anyone wants to blame, though all the fingers point at him. There are plenty of twists along the way, and as with all the best mysteries, I had to read it twice to work out what I’d missed the first time. Amazon and Goodreads Review

About the Author

W.T. O’Brien is a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest. He attended school in Seattle and after high-school enrolled at the University of Washington, majoring in billiards and games of chance. After graduating cum laude without a degree, he began a series of menial jobs and failed schemes, which did little to enhance him financially, but added a great deal of spice to his experience. During this time, he considered his occupation to be as a professional pool player, an oxymoron, even though he almost never performed in that pursuit. Eventually he managed to land a real job, working in the Health Sciences department back at the University of Washington. After twenty-five enjoyable years, he retired. He considered that his modest retirement party, attended entirely by college professors, was a tribute to a successful career as a research consultant.

Over the years, Mr. O’Brien has written short stories, poetry, and screenplays.

The Arboretum After Midnight is his third novel. It is a murder mystery centered around the interior design community in 1990’s Seattle.

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