Tour: The Amber Crane

By Malve von Hassell

December 17-20

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  • Genre:  Historical fantasy, time travel
  • Print length: 264 pages
  • Age range: Suitable for adults and teenagers
  • Trigger warnings: No graphic violence but references to the Holocaust, fatal shootings of prisoners during a death march, a reference to a rape, and suicide references
  • Formats available for the Tour: all standard electronic formats (sorry, no paperbacks)
  • Amazon Rating: 5*

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About The Amber Crane

Chafing at the rules of the amber guild, Peter, an apprentice during the waning years of the Thirty Years’ War, finds and keeps a forbidden piece of amber, despite the risk of severe penalties should his secret be discovered.

Little does he know that this amber has hidden powers, transporting him into a future far beyond anything he could imagine. In dreamlike encounters, Peter witnesses the ravages of the final months of World War II in and around his home. He becomes embroiled in the troubles faced by Lioba, a girl he meets who seeks to escape from the oncoming Russian army.

Peter struggles with the consequences of his actions, endangering his family, his amber master’s reputation, and his own future. How much is Peter prepared to sacrifice to right his wrongs?

Praise for The Amber Crane

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Amber Crane seamlessly blends historical aspects with polarizing, relatable characters. The plot is twisting and unpredictable, leaving me in suspense throughout the story. With an ending that will leave any reader satisfied, The Amber Crane is a book I truly couldn’t put down. Amazon Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Amber Crane is a well paced and truly engaging coming of age story filled with adventure, mystery, intrigue, and romance. This superbly crafted novel successfully weaves together elements of historical fiction and science fiction fantasy to portray how its young heroes face challenges and overcome adversity in a sophisticated narrative spanning three centuries and two devastating wars. Highly recommended! Amazon review

About the Author

Malve von Hassell was born in Italy and spent part of her childhood in Belgium and Germany before moving to the United States. She is a freelance writer, researcher, and translator. She holds a Ph.D. in anthropology from the New School for Social Research. Working as an independent scholar, she published The Struggle for Eden: Community Gardens in New York City (Bergin & Garvey 2002) and Homesteading in New York City 1978-1993: The Divided Heart of Loisaida (Bergin & Garvey 1996). She has also edited her grandfather Ulrich von Hassell’s memoirs written in prison in 1944, Der Kreis schließt sich – Aufzeichnungen aus der Haft 1944 (Propylaen Verlag 1994). She has taught at Queens College, Baruch College, Pace University, and Suffolk County Community College, while continuing her work as a translator and writer. She has self-published a children’s picture book, Letters from the Tooth Fairy (2020) and 2020) and her translation and annotation of a German children’s classic by Tamara Ramsay, Rennefarre: Dott’s Wonderful Travels and Adventures (Two Harbors Press, 2012). The Falconer’s Apprentice (namelos, 2015) was her first historical fiction novel for young adults. As well as The Amber Crane, she has published Alina: A Song for the Telling (BHC Press, 2020), set in Jerusalem in the time of the crusades, and is currently working on a biographical work about a woman coming of age in Nazi Germany.

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