Tour: Enemy

By Kimberly Amato

January 28 – 31

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  • Genre:  Dystopian sci-fi, political thriller
  • Print length: 237
  • Age range: 18+
  • Trigger warnings: Institutional cruelty, violent death, family betrayal
  • Formats available for the Tour: all standard electronic formats (sorry, no paperbacks)
  • Amazon Rating: 5

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About Enemy


In this cautionary tale of the decay of democratic systems, author Kimberly Amato delivers the chilling reminder that every generation discards the lessons of history at its own peril – and that of generations to come.

On New Year’s Day 2045, a desperate remnant of the 20-year-old resistance prepares for its final stand against the ruthless tyranny of the new world order. As cells of resistance across the world crumble, this tattered underground – literally, housed in the subterranean tunnels of the New York subway – strikes on two fronts: the prison which conceals a sadistic experimental medical facility and the very seat of power, where the battle reaches its explosive conclusion.

Their leader Ellie Goldman, a renegade agent of the former Multinational Security Council remembers democracy in its last throes. Yet as disillusioned, debased, and desperate – one could argue, insane – as Ellie is, she retains the cache of compassion that reminds us of her sister-creation, Amato’s Jasmine Steele.

In the five-volume Steele series, Amato honed a take-no-prisoners style and her skill at creating a hard-boiled heroine with a tender core. Here, she has created a soul-grindingly brutal post-apocalyptic world where everybody is a potential enemy—anybody could turn you in to the authorities. Human life is worthless; women, useless except as receptacles. Skin color is a crime. The prisons are full of thought criminals, people of color, women, and rebels, overseen by guards whose fate has been determined by the state’s assignment testing.

Mistrust and division are everywhere, even among the brothers of the resistance, even between the real brothers, Sam, a student dedicated to the resistance, and Tim, a prison guard ensnared in the government’s sadistic machine. As the novel accelerates to its shocking but inevitable conclusion, the brothers act out the timeless struggle between love and so-called “duty”—actually the noose of authoritarianism–as the fate of humanity is decided by one idealistic woman determined to give the world a fresh start.

Praise for Enemy

“Enemy is the type of story I wish I could see made into a movie. I picture all the scenes and situations in my head. I don’t bother with the cast, only what I came here for: the adventure.” – Jose Popoff

“Enemy by Kimberly Amato is a chilling read in today’s controversial political climate.” – A. Cannady

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Enemy by Kimberly Amato is a superbly written and richly descriptive novel with brilliantly drawn characters and settings. The author weaves a well-crafted dystopian fiction that serves as a chilling reminder of what the future could hold for humanity. Skillfully constructed, this gripping and thought-provoking novel will have you turning the pages from beginning to end. Amazon review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It’s complicated. There are good guys and bad guys, but everyone has some grey. It’s real. Every character has a fight to fight, a compromise to make, a purpose to fulfill. You know these people.It’s gripping. You are watching events play out over which you have no control, but does anyone? … “Enemy” will make you question yourself. What would you do out of loyalty? What would you do when you felt you were out of options? What would you do to protect a loved one? A stranger? I don’t just mean you’ll question yourself while you’re reading it. “Enemy” stayed in my head for days. Now that I’m thinking about it again…Amazon review

About the Author

Kimberly Amato is the author of the best-selling Jasmine Steele Mystery series. She is also a podcaster (Forever Fangirls and Into the Halo) and filmmaker. Among her several film projects, the teleplay Party Girl, which she co-wrote and starred in, has accorded her the most honors, including The Golden Ace Award and the Aloha Accolade for Excellence in Filmmaking from the Honolulu Film Awards.

Amato holds a BA in Psychology from Hofstra University and an MA in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She is currently working on several more books and future Steele Series installments.

Kimberly hails from the great state of New York, where she currently lives with her wife.

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