Tour: Empire’s Heir

By Marian Thorpe

May 20 – 24

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  • Purchase link:
  • Genre:  Historical fantasy
  • Print length: 440 pages
  • Age range: This is an adult novel but suitable for mature teens age 16+
  • Trigger warnings: Off-scene death of a young child
  • Formats available for the Tour: all standard electronic formats (sorry, no paperbacks)
  • Amazon Rating: 5 stars

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About Empire’s Heir

Some games are played for mortal stakes.

Gwenna, heir to Ésparias, is summoned by the Empress of Casil to compete for the hand of her son. Offered power and influence far beyond what her own small land can give her, Gwenna’s strategy seems clear – except she loves someone else.

Nineteen years earlier, the Empress outplayed Cillian in diplomacy and intrigue. Alone, his only living daughter has little chance to counter the Empress’s experience and skill. Aging and torn by grief and worry, Cillian insists on accompanying Gwenna to Casil.

Risking a charge of treason, faced with a choice he does not want to make, Cillian must convince Gwenna her future is more important than his – while Gwenna plans her moves to keep her father safe. Both are playing a dangerous game. Which one will concede – or sacrifice?

Praise for Empire’s Heir

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is such a great book…. What can I say? I loved the book, love the people, and will read and re-read multiple times. Many thanks to the author for bringing them to life. Amazon Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Themes of trust, familial love, and sacrifice abound. Witnessing the passing of the torch from father to daughter brings the reader an almost physical pain…. As always, Thorpe’s writing is beautiful – strong in the details of landscape both physical and political, delicate in the handling of strong emotion, and cunning in how stealthily details of the plot are seeded throughout. This is a long book, but it reads like a much shorter one. There is a constant thread of tension running through the book, and a twist at the end that  only the most clairvoyant reader will see coming. Amazon Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is a vivid story of family, friends, and others whose lives are being decided by a complex set of circumstances frequently beyond their control. Though in a unique setting, their actions, reactions and emotions are common to people throughout history and everywhere. I recommend this novel as an engaging continuation of a well established story, but also a tension filled narrative of a group of people negotiating a complex situation in its own right. Amazon Review

About the Author

“My books are historical fiction of an imagined world, one that is close to Britain, Northern Europe, and Rome, but isn’t any of them. A world where a society evolved differently after the Eastern Empire left, where one young fisherwoman answers her leader’s call to defend her country, beginning a journey into uncharted territory, in an Empire on the edge of history.

After two careers as a research scientist and an educator, I decided it was time to do what I’d always really wanted, and be a writer. As well as my novels, I’ve published short stories and poetry. My life-long interest in Roman and post-Roman European history provided the inspiration for my books, while my other interests in landscape archaeology and birding provide background. Right now, I’m writing Empire’s Heir, the next book in the series.”


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