Reviewers – come join us!

Henry Roi PR is always looking for new reviewers to join our book tour panels.

Blackthorn Book Tours
Dark Fiction – Crime, Horror, Dark fantasy, dystopias
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Black Coffee Book Tours
General fiction, literary, historical, international, LGBT+
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Blackberry Book Tours
Books for children from preschool to young adult
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What’s a book tour?

A book tour is an online event in which, over the period of a week, a group of 12-30 reviewers each publish a review of a particular book. Before, after and during the tour week, we use our social media channels to publicize both the book and the review.

What does it involve for the reviewer?

To be on our panel, reviewers need to

  • select at least one book from the 150+ books we offer each year, selecting either from our website or from the notifications that we send
  • commit to posting a review on a particular date during the tour (give or take a day), on Goodreads and also anywhere else that they can post – Instagram, Amazon, a blog
  • let us know if for any reason they they are unable to review or decide not to
  • send us a link when they have posted, so that we publicize the review
What do reviewers get out of it?

Sadly we cannot pay reviewers, but they stay on our panels because they find it rewarding!

  • They are part of a community of reviewers and part of our team
  • We offer great e-books (sorry, very rarely do we have paperbacks or audiobooks) – all of which we have vetted in advance and believe to be of high qualty
  • We provide quality publicity materials and images related to the book which bloggers can include in their pages
  • We publicize their reviews / pages / blog sites which helps to drive traffic
  • We reward reviewers with badges, at different levels depending on how many reviews they undertake, that they can include on their web pages

To join our panels, just complete the form below, and we’ll get back to you with more information. You can also find lots more information on these pages – check the menu items under “book tours”

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