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Are you a fiction author looking for a quality book tour company? Black Coffee Book Tours is a quality tour operator dedicated to general fiction, including historical, contemporary and international fiction.  We don’t do romance, erotica or chick lit, but outside of that we are open to suggestions across a broad canvas. (If you write darker fiction, you may be interested in our Blackthorn Book Tours label. If you write for children, you may be interested in Blackberry Book Tours.) We will always work with authors to determine the best grouping to host a tour if your work falls between genres.

What do we offer and what does it cost?

When we take on a book for a Tour, we aim to give authors the best Tour that there is on the market. We aim to secure reviewers who will really like your book, to ensure that they deliver a quality review, and to surround this with unrivalled social media publicity. We liaise closely with our reviewers and with our authors. We are passionate about the service we deliver. We aim to be transparent. On our home pages we publish the data showing what we have achieved in our last ten tours, so that you can gain realistic expectations about what we could do for you.

  • We like to keep things simple. We offer a 4 day, 12 stop Tour, which can be extended to 21 days if there is sufficient demand. We aim to fill the Tour with reviews. Author interviews and guest posts can be included if requested by the author. We work very hard to ensure that all the slots are filled by reviewers who will actually complete and publish their review. We usually succeed, but we cannot guarantee this.
  • Our “Creating A Buzz” page gives examples of how we use social media to publicize your book, your Tour and all the reviews that come from it.
  • We charge authors $125 for our 4 day tour and $200 for a 7 day tour. 
About our Reviewers

Our bloggers and reviewers are all enthusiastic readers of the genres that we offer, they all have an established track record of reviewing, they are all on the lookout for great books and they are all keen to support good authors.  

They are genuine reviewers and we cannot guarantee that they will like your book. Negative reviews are rare, and often reviewers will pull out of a tour rather than post a negative review, but we do not control this.

Around 75% of our reviewers are from the USA; most of remainder come from the UK. We also have a scattering of international reviewers from around the world. All of our reviewers are independent of us, and they operate in many different ways. Most run their own blog-sites. Others review on Goodreads or Instagram.

We ask all reviewers to post as widely as possible, and as a minimum, to post their reviews on Goodreads. We encourage all reviewers to post on Amazon if they are able to do so. (Some are able to post on more than one Amazon platform, others only on their own regional Amazon site and a minority do not post on Amazon).

What we require from you

Before we decide whether we can run a tour for you, we may ask you for some sample chapters of your book. When we offer to do a tour, we will need from you:

  • An e-copy of your book – we can work with most formats and convert to other formats as required.
  • A headshot if you wish this to be included in your tour materials
  • Details of any social media links that we may use during the tour, eg in twitter and instagram posts
  • Any biographical or blurb material not already available on Amazon
  • Information about whether your book is suitable for young adults and whether there are any trigger warnings
  • Payment as per our invoice.
What we will do
  • We will create a promotional tour banner and tour page
  • We will promote your book to our 300+ reviewers and seek their participation in your blog tour, aiming to secure the agreed number of posts during the week of the Tour.  
  • We will promote your blog tour on social media to start a buzz and to attract additional participants
  • We will distribute review copies and create a media kit for participants
  • We will publicise the tour through social media and circulate all positive reviews via Twitter 
  • We will supply a list of all posts after the event. 
What we cannot do
  • We cannot take on every book that we are offered for a Tour. We only do one tour a week, and we only take on books where we are confident that the book is a good fit for our reviewers. (If we are not able to offer you a tour, we will be happy to help you to secure quality reviewers through the our general PR services.)
  • Although we aim for full Tours , we cannot guarantee that every place on every Tour will be filled. If we have difficulty attracting the agreed number of reviewers, we will discuss the way forward with you – see below.
  • It is rare for reviewers to drop out of tours, but we cannot guarantee that every reviewer who signs up will complete a review. They are independent contributors to the tours.  Sometimes a blogger may have serious reservations after reading your book, and prefer not to post rather than to post something unfavorable. Occasionally, bloggers also pull out of tours for other reasons. We try to overbook to allow for the possibility that some reviwers will not post, but we cannot guarantee posts.  See the side panel for details of the number of posts delivered.
  • We cannot guarantee that every reviewer will like your book.
  • We cannot guarantee that every reviewer will post their review on Amazon.
Cancellation and refunds
Tour not filled

If we cannot fill at least 75% of the slots on your Tour within one month of your Tour, we will discuss the way forward with you, offering the options of cancelling the tour (see below), downgrading to a four-day tour if you have booked a seven day tour, or continuing to seek to fill the slots and to run the Tour with whatever number we are able to achieve, in which case no refund will be given. If you downgrade from a seven to a four day tour, we will refund the difference.

Cancellation by author

An author may cancel a tour at any point, and refunds will be offered on the basis below.

  • Fewer than 3 reviewers signed up – 90% refund of fee received
  • Fewer than 50% of agreed reviewers signed up – 75% refund of fee received
  • Fewer than 75% of agreed reviewers signed up – 50% refund of fee received
  • 75% or more of the agreed reviewers signed up – no refund of fee received

The above sliding scale is based on the number of reviewers who have signed up to complete a review of your book, or, with your agreement, to post an interview with you.  Bloggers who have agreed only to post a ‘Spotlight’ or publicity materials without a review, are discounted. 

Other cancellations

Black Coffee Book Tours reserves the right to cancel any tour. If this is necessary for any reason not set out above, we will be open about the reason and will refund in full.

Reviewer arrangements in case of any cancellation

If a Tour is cancelled for any reason, we will inform any reviewers who have signed up, and if you wish, we will give them your contact details and ask them to contact you directly. This contact will be subject to our information policy as below.B

How we use your information:

We are concerned to maintain high standards in managing the data that you provide to us.

Of the areas where we work, the United Kingdom and European Community have the most stringent data protection rules. We are registered as a data controller with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office and we handle data in line with European Union General Data Protection Regulations.

We use your email details to contact you about your Tour, and we may from time to time contact you with information about our services. We do not share your email address with reveiwers or any third party. (We similarly do not share reviewers details with you.)

We use information which is in the public domain (social media tags, public website details Amazon links) on our posts when publicising your book, and we share these with the relevant reviewers to include in their posts.

We request, but do not require, information about what country you live in, because we aim to operate internationally (our in-house team includes people from North America, South America, Europe and Australia) and we are interested to know what the spread of our authors is.

We use the information that we collect about authors to generate metrics for our own monitoring and planning purposes, eg to identify the popularity of our tours with authors of particular genres.

We aim to be publicly transparent about what we achieve as a Book Tour provider, so we publish data a report on each tour which gives links to all the reviews. For earlier tours, this information is linked to the tour record on our “our tours” pages. This is a collation of information which is already in the public domain.

Additionally we give authors who are interested in commissioing a tour any anonymised information that they request about our reviewer base and past history of reviews posted, providing this can be given without compromising the identity of individual reviewers. This could include metrics such as distribution of reviewers by country, proportion of reviewers posting in different ways (personal blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Instagram, YouTube), reliability (percentage of signups where a review is completed). We do not disclose information which could identify a particular reviewer, so where numbers are small, we aggregate data (eg as we currently have few reviewers in Asian countries, we report their data by continent rather than country).

If you book a Tour, we need to retain details of this transaction for seven years as part of our financial records. If you contact us but do not book a Tour we will delete your details from our records after a year.

If you wish us to delete other information about you at any point, or if you have any special information requirements, please let us know.

Interested in touring with us? Get in touch here:

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