Loic Ekinga – How To Wake a Butterfly

About How to Wake a Butterfly How to Wake a Butterfly is a collection about transformation and growth. It follows the author’s different stages in life, from childhood memories, trauma, heartbreak, and new-found love. The author wrote How to Wake a Butterfly during the lockdown, when he was forced to look at his life and retrace the manyContinue reading “Loic Ekinga – How To Wake a Butterfly”

Lali A Love – Poetry and Fiction

. Review copies of these books are available to reviewers able to post on Amazon and Goodreads – contact us below Ananda: Poetry for the Soul Ananda, the bliss within, is a collection of inspirational poems for the evolution of the Soul. With harmonic verses, each healing poem provides therapeutic, meditative, and transformative reading forContinue reading “Lali A Love – Poetry and Fiction”