For Reviewers

Thank you for taking an interest in Blackthorn Book Tours. We are a review-focused service, although we do also sometimes include author interviews and other promotional posts in our tours.

Who are our reviewers?
  • Our reviewers and bloggers are all dedicated, independent readers, with an appreciation of the darker side of fiction.  
  • They are all on the lookout for great new books and great new authors
  • They all have an established track record of sharing their love of dark books through reviewing, blogging, instagramming, interviewing authors or providing promotional posts. 

If this sounds like you then we want to hear from you.  If you sign up with us you will join a ‘virtual team’ that is loving the genre and helping to bring its readers and writers together.

What do we offer?
  • We aim to provide our reviewers with a wide cross section of top quality fiction from the dark side. Everything from crime, thrillers and noir, through the entire horror spectrum to dark fantasy.   
  • We provide e-books : on the rare occasions when paperbacks are available, we offer them to reviewers who have a track record of reviewing with us
  • We circulate all our reviewers with details of upcoming tours, along with a brief description of each book. (Some reviewers join lots of our tours, some do so only occasionally.)
  • If you decide to join a tour, we support your admin with a simple sign-up method, and send you a free copy of the e-book (usually two or three months before the week of the tour)
  • We send you two scheduling reminders before the tour begins.
  • Shortly before the tour, we will provide you with the tour banners and media kits to enable you to produce and promote your posts with ease. 
  • Tours are a real buzz. We will share and tweet your tour posts, featuring a link to your blog and an image of your blog ‘header’, which will promote your brand and help to drive traffic and followers to your blog.
  • We provide authors with links to all posts for future sharing; their publicity should also enhance your blog profile.
  • Check the “creating a buzz” page for examples of how we use social media to publicize your blog-site or review page as well as the book being toured.
What do we ask of you?
  • We understand that book bloggers have busy lives. However, signing up to a tour is a commitment to following through and posting a review on your chosen date.  
  • We send out bulk emails. So that our emails do not end up in Spam, please add our email addresses to your contacts list: and
  • We ask you to provide, on your agreed date, a high quality, engaging, and honest review, and to post it on your blog (or other online review site as agreed with us), wherever possible including the Tour banner.
  • We ask all reviewers to post their review on Goodreads and if possible on Amazon as well.
  • We ask that when you post your review, you provide us with an email link to it, to support us in locating and publicizing it. 
  • We ask that when publicizing your review, you tag it using the #BlackthornTours hashtag or @BlackthornTours. And don’t forget to like our Facebook page!

We realise that sometimes reviewers will take on a book and either not have time to review it or decide that they don’t want to, for any number of reasons. That’s fine – just let us know as early as possible, so that we can take you off the tour, and possibly find a replacement. Our only general request is that if you don’t finish a book, you do not post a review during the tour – a review of a partly read book leaves open the question of whether the reviewer was in a good position to judge the book. There are exceptions of course – always happy to discuss if you’re not sure how to proceed.

Our badging system

Some reviewers like to badge their reviews or their blog with our Blackthorn Book Tours badges – we send the download links as reviews are completed. The badging system is shared with our sister “general fiction” grouping, Black Coffee Book Tours. The designs are slightly different, but if you select books from both tour groups, all of them will count towards your badging level. On each occasion you will be welcome to download the relevant badge for your level, either from the Blackthorn or the Black Coffee range. (We recognise that some reviewers are collecting the set from one tour group or the other, so we don’t want to leave you with an inconsistent badge just because you’ve kindly reviewed a book from the other tour grouping! )

Below are the matching badges from the Black Coffee Book Tours range.

Below are the matching badges from the Black Coffee Book Tours range.

(Our children’s book tour group, Blackberry Book Tours, uses a different badging system, so those ones have to be collected separately and are not interchangeable – sorry!)


How do we use your information?

We are concerned to maintain high standards in managing the data that you provide to us.

Of the areas where we work, the United Kingdom and European Community have the most stringent data protection rules. We are registered as a data controller with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office and we handle data in line with European Union General Data Protection Regulations.

We use your email details to contact you about forthcoming Tours. We do not share your email addresses with any third party, including the author.

We use your social media tags and blog details (already in the public domain) on our public posts when publicising your reviews, and we share these with the relevant authors.

We request, but do not require, information about what country you live in, because we aim to operate internationally (our in-house team includes people from North America, South America, Europe and Australia) and we are interested to know what the spread of our reviewers is.

We use the information that we collect about reviewers to generate metrics for our own monitoring and planning purposes, eg to identify the popularity of particular genres with our reviewers.

We aim to be publicly transparent about what we achieve as a Book Tour provider, so we publish data about our last 10 tours on our home page ( and publish a report on each tour which gives links to all the reviews. This is a collation of information which is already in the public domain.

Additionally we give authors who are interested in commissioing a tour any anonymised information that they request about our reviewer base and past history of reviews posted, providing this can be given without compromising the identity of individual reviewers. This could include metrics such as distribution of reviewers by country, proportion of reviewers posting in different ways (personal blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Instagram, YouTube), reliability (percentage of signups where a review is completed). We do not disclose information which could identify a particular reviewer, so where numbers are small, we aggregate data (eg as we currently have few reviewers in Asian countries, we report their data by continent rather than country).

If you wish us to delete your information at any point, please let us know. We delete reviewers from our contact list after a year if we do not hear from them.

Interested in joining our team? Sign up here – we’d love to hear from you

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