Fran Lewis – Population Zero

About Population Zero Population Zero is a collection of imaginatve reflections on possible outcomes for our dystopian world (11K words, 23 pages discounting front material) . Imagine a forest so dense and so filled with trees that you cannot see anything but darkness. The smell of the dead leaves, the creatures that lived there, andContinue reading “Fran Lewis – Population Zero”

Warren Christopher – Incremental Courage

About Incremental Courage Join Warren Christopher on his Truly Inspirational Journey… Confronting one’s pain, failures, hurt, and disappointments takes courage. In this work, I share a number of challenging situations and experiences that almost broke me at an early age. To move forward, I had to lean on my faith, unlearn some stuff, consider aContinue reading “Warren Christopher – Incremental Courage”

Loic Ekinga – How To Wake a Butterfly

About How to Wake a Butterfly How to Wake a Butterfly is a collection about transformation and growth. It follows the author’s different stages in life, from childhood memories, trauma, heartbreak, and new-found love. The author wrote How to Wake a Butterfly during the lockdown, when he was forced to look at his life and retrace the manyContinue reading “Loic Ekinga – How To Wake a Butterfly”

Chris Roy – Sad Sally Salad

June Taster Story We are offering this separately published short story (<8K words) by writer Chris Roy as this month’s “taster story”. If you would like a copy to review, please sign up using the form below, This is not a tour – you are welcome to review at any time, though we hope youContinue reading “Chris Roy – Sad Sally Salad”

K.T.Rose – Claire’s Apocalypse

About Claire’s Apocalypse Claire’s Apocalypse is a short story (37 pages) by respected horror writer KT Rose. The world may be doomed by her mistake…unless she has the will to save it. In the laboratories of the nation’s secret Bioweapons Division, Dr. Claire Lyle houses vials that could trigger the apocalypse. After a decade ofContinue reading “K.T.Rose – Claire’s Apocalypse”

Feind Gottes – Piecing it all Back Together

About Piecing it all Back Together Our latest is a deliciously brutal serial killer novel by award-winning writer Feind Gottes. Private Investigator Jamie Windstein has a dark secret: she collects her victim’s heads.When millionaire Thomas Combs hires her to find his long lost friend, Jimmy, Jamie’s world is turned upside down. Ghosts of the pastContinue reading “Feind Gottes – Piecing it all Back Together”

Lee Matthew Goldberg – Orange City

About Orange City Book Information: Orange City by Lee Matthew Goldberg Purchase link: Genre:  Post apocalyptic science fiction Print length: 231 pages Suitable for young adults? This is an adult book but may be read by mature 16+ Trigger warnings: No About Orange City Imagine a secret, hidden City that gives a second chanceContinue reading “Lee Matthew Goldberg – Orange City”

Tobin Marks – Ark of the Apocalypse

About Ark of the Apocalypse Earth is on the verge of becoming a dead planet. The polar ice caps melted long ago, and it’s been decades since the last raindrop fell. Ocean levels rise a dozen meters, and forest fires rage on a global scale. Eleven billion people dying of thirst wage water wars againstContinue reading “Tobin Marks – Ark of the Apocalypse”

Aime Alley Card – And Beneath It All Was Love

About And Beneath It All Was Love Shortly after moving from Boston to the intensely competitive environment of Silicon Valley, Aime received the news: she had stage two breast cancer. Aime had known of friends with cancer. Generally, they dropped out of sight, reappearing months later looking tired and wan, with thinning hair and waistlines.Continue reading “Aime Alley Card – And Beneath It All Was Love”