Donna Ferris – We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This:

A Memoir of Missed Connections 

What if the path to inner peace leads to outright disaster?

Donna has it all – a generous husband, two healthy kids, a Jersey shore home – but believes something is missing. When she signs up for yoga teacher training, her carefully cultivated life begins to crumble. Her husband is having an affair. Dangerous childhood secrets resurface. Her mother dies suddenly. And she doesn’t even like yoga . . . yet.

As Donna reels and heals, she discovers love, rescues dogs, and confronts yet another crisis when a loved one falls ill.

A devastating but funny, life-affirming love story, We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This is for anyone who has ever dared to fight for what matters – and believes it’s never too late to find love or enlightenment.

But not necessarily in that order.

Praise for We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This

“Donna Ferris put her heart onto the pages of “We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This.” A vulnerable telling of three transformative years of her life told with openness. It’s easy to see oneself at any stage of Donna’s journey and to appreciate the strength it takes to survive loss in all its forms but most of all, to learn to love again.” — Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Happiness

We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This is a balm for any person navigating grief, growth, and unanswerable questions. Donna Ferris guides readers on a compelling journey of love, loss, and discovery. The themes of spirituality, abuse, and human relationships weave strength into this page-turner as her story reminds us to seek deeper truth in every moment. This humorous, touching work brings inspiration and guidance to those facing the unexpected shadows life may cast. Magical.”
~Erin Byron, author Yoga for the Creative Soul

“We’ve Got To Stopping Meeting Like This” is a memoir about meeting truth, grief, and the deepest opportunity to love. This book inspires women to be unstoppable in the face of loss and trust a healing path for true connection and home. We all want to believe we can overcome loss or betrayal and Donna Ferris shows us her way. She did it! I highly recommend this book for those grieving the loss of a marriage or spouse and those interested in how one woman found her way back to true love.” – Jennifer Schelter, MFA YTT 500

“In clear, heartfelt language Donna articulates what is true for so many of us: the concussion of losses we are asked to endure, the longing toward understanding and growth, and the eventual recognition of one’s clarity and strength as we shift toward a sense of wholeness. In her kind, thoughtful entries, we come to understand that resilience and happiness truly do rest on the small, daily choices we make to heal, even as we stand on unsteady ground, and on our willingness to open to the new, and to what might be possible.” – Maria Sirois, author of A Short Course in Happiness After Loss (and other Dark, Difficult Times).

“This memoir is more of a fun tale that weaves spiritual lessons into the fabric of life. Donna shows us how to be human, fully human, as we understand how to be happy with who we are and where we are. She overcame some interesting hurdles that come with our lives. Her example reminds me that I can be a normal person living extraordinarily.” – Bob Butera, PhD, author of Pure Heart of Yoga

About the author

Donna Y. Ferris lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania with her husband and dogs – and spends as much time as possible with her two Musketeers in Pittsburgh (the home of her beloved Steelers). We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This – A Memoir of Missed Connections is her first book. Donna continues to work in corporate America and has contributed more than thirty articles to Elephant Journal. She also teaches yoga weekly, workshops quarterly, and leads Spring and Fall retreats in Duck, North Carolina. To sign up for Donna’s monthly newsletter please email her at Follow her on Facebook and Instagram (@downdogdiva) and Twitter (@minidva).

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