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About Incremental Courage

Join Warren Christopher on his Truly Inspirational Journey…

Confronting one’s pain, failures, hurt, and disappointments takes courage.

In this work, I share a number of challenging situations and experiences that almost broke me at an early age. To move forward, I had to lean on my faith, unlearn some stuff, consider a new perspective, be vulnerable, and develop the courage to confront and slay my demons. The masks I wore, the pretending I did, and the anger I carried blocked my blessings and my peace and delayed my God-ordained destiny.

The level of transparency I exercise might be shocking to you. I will reveal things that may be trigger issues to those who have experienced trauma, especially sexual trauma.

In the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.”

The only thing more powerful than fear is courage. Along the way, I’ve gained courage incrementally in all areas of my life, and that has made all the difference. In the passages ahead, I’ll share the experiences that forged me into a courageous man. These experiences, and the actions I took, helped move me to a higher level of consciousness. I invite you to consider my perspective on courage, and how I came to be the man I am today. There are many aspects of courage I’ve become intimately familiar with. Here are but a few significant areas I learned to fully embrace.

Much of what I share will not be accommodating or convenient; my sharing may be chilling. It will challenge you and cause significant reflection and consideration.

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About the author

A combat veteran of nearly twenty-five years in the U.S. Army, Warren’s tours of duty included assignments in Europe, Asia, Hawaii, and throughout the continental United States. Combat tours included Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq, the Philippines, and Afghanistan.
He has served in high-profile assignments including commander, speechwriter, aide-de-camp, congressional liaison, Pentagon staff officer, and human resources officer.
Warren is father to two amazing daughters, a graduate of Purdue University, has a master’s degree from Marine Corps University, and an executive MBA from the University of Georgia. Warren is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration at Drexel University.
After retiring, he served as a chief of staff and a senior policy advisor for federal executive branch agencies and sought nomination for representative in Congress in Maryland. A small business owner, he’s served honorably on several prominent boards. One of his proudest contributions is as mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters, National Capital Area

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