Aime Alley Card – And Beneath It All Was Love

About And Beneath It All Was Love

Shortly after moving from Boston to the intensely competitive environment of Silicon Valley, Aime received the news: she had stage two breast cancer.

Aime had known of friends with cancer. Generally, they dropped out of sight, reappearing months later looking tired and wan, with thinning hair and waistlines. Suddenly she was that friend—the breast cancer patient.

Anger, fear, and anxiety threatened to take over Aime’s life. But with the support of her sister, friends, husband, and children, Aime would discover the love hidden just beneath her fear.

And Beneath It All Was Love recounts Aime’s journey through treatment and into recovery. Her young age and pathology report indicated aggressive treatment. Aime would endure debilitating chemotherapy, two surgeries, and radiation therapy. She had to almost die to give herself the best chance to live.

Honest, raw, and ultimately uplifting, Aime’s story pulls no punches when describing the mental and physical toll of breast cancer treatment. She is not the same person who heard the dreaded words “You have cancer.” That person is gone forever. In her place is a stronger, more resilient woman who learned to treasure life as a daily gift and embrace love over fear.

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About Aime Alley Card

Aime lives on the North Shore of Boston, balancing family life with writing and working in the community. Coming soon will be a novel based on the true story of a women’s track team in Tennessee. She keeps a blog on family issues, and is a reader for Pangyrus literary magazine. She has also been a guest speaker at various local wellness events in relation to this memoir. You can usually find her on Twitter @aimealleycard.

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