Jaire Sims – Getting By

About Getting By

This debut novel, “Getting By”, is an engrossing and uplifting coming of age tale about an introverted young man struggling through social pressures to reach his potential.

Carver Goodman dreams of becoming a photographer; but first he needs to graduate from high school. He spends his junior year worried about the same things that affect his peers–things like taking the ACT, bullying, and falling in love for the first time–but Carver’s situation is a bit different, because he’s beginning to suspect that he’s gay.

As he struggles to understand himself in terms of his sexuality and how he fits into the world, he learns a lot about who he is and finds the strength to overcome the challenges life throws his way.

Getting By is a touching and poignant coming-of-age novel that will resonate with any person who has ever felt like he doesn’t quite fit.

Praise for Getting By

“Carver Goodman’s decisions and options on the cusp of adulthood create a compelling, uplifting, realistic story of a potentially successful young man and introvert who faces pressures and influences beyond those usually wound into African American coming of age stories. Getting By is an exceptional, thought-provoking read.” – Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Reviews

About the Author

Jaire Malik Sims was born and raised on the far southwest side of Chicago. While twenty-one, and a junior in college, Jaire was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. A year later, he graduated from Monmouth College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies.

Jaire hopes his first novel, Getting By, will reach certain demographics who share commonalities with him and perhaps inspire them to write their own stories while taking inspirations from their life experiences.

You can usually find him on Twitter @JaireSims.

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