Borderlanders – Gillian Polack


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About Borderlanders

Melissa has a happy marriage but her everyday life is a constant battle against pain. She discovers that her artwork can produce magic, prompting her to apply for an artist’s retreat to a mysterious country house. Her old schoolfriends Bettina and Zelda are also at the same retreat. But neither the house nor their friendship is what they think. A mystical library, rapacious shadows, and keys to otherworldly rooms are the links to saving the house from destruction.

A unique fantasy about people whose stories, with all their oddity and excitement, seldom make their way into novels.

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About the author

Gillian Polack used to explain that she was a food historian or a Medievalist or a book reviewer. Sometimes she says she still edits. Sometimes she says that she teaches (she adores teaching and tends to acquire the most interesting students). She has a research side, which is seen clearly by her doctorates in English, History and an MA in Medieval Studies. And her eight published novels. In recent years Gillian has been extremely busy and is too scared to list everything she’s done. You can usually find her on Twitter @GillianPolack.

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